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Best Floor Jack Reviews

floor jack
floor jack

Although many jobs are that tough or inherently dangerous, but few car repair involve getting your car up in the air so that you can work underneath it. How long will it take to process the job could be the only problem? One of the most used tools that makes the work easier and faster is your floor jack. The benefits of this tool is obvious, includes speed, flexibility and safety.


However, the problem is how to choose the best one to meet your needs, there is a wide range of products available and most of them have the same features and designs. Which style of operation, size and strength can work for you? To help you find the high performance products, our full guide is a little help.


Types of floor jacks

There are three main types of floor jacks, include scissor jack, hydraulic floor jack and bottle jack.


Typically, most auto manufacturers package a scissor jack with the vehicle as part of the wheel changing kit in most cars. This kind of jack is small and lightweight, which allows you to use it when you got a flat tire on the road. Scissor jack has not a good lifting capability but it works great for small tasks.


Hydraulic floor jack is the most common jacks in the auto world, which is also a workhorse in any kind of use. Most of them come with four wheels that can be used for attaching the bottom of car. The hydraulic cylinder does the lifting job. The reason why this kind of jack is so popular and comes in so many guises is that it’s flexible and stable than others. We strongly recommend this kind of jack when you’re choosing a jack specifically for your needs.


Bottle jacks, we also called piston jacks, which can be used for lifting huge weights compared with other two types. This type of jacks are also used in the locomotive industry because their power. If you’re looking for a jack that has a high lifting capacity, bottle jack would be the best choice.


There are many factors you need to consider, such as speed, safety, lift capacity, material, minimum clearance height, usage and price. Don’t buy the floor jack before reading our honest floor jack reviews.